Sunday, June 10, 2012

48-Hour Book Challenge -- Final Summary

My update:
Total hours spent on the challenge: 10
Hours of reading: 7.5
Hours of listening to an audiobook: 1.5
Hours blogging/reviewing: 1
Books finished: 4
Books started: 1
Pages read: 855

Kate's update:
Hours of reading: 9
Books finished: 2
Books started: 1
Pages read: 945

The challenge is over! Kate was not able to do any more reading but I did finish Lake Como Girls, which I will review in a separate post. Together, we participated for a total of 19 hours! As promised, I've donated $40 ($2 per hour, plus a bit to round up) to Reading Is Fundamental.

I did not manage to participate for as many hours as I had in past years, but I was really glad that Kate was able to find so many hours to read and that my sister-in-law Jill spontaneously joined us from Singapore to do some reading of her own with my two nephews. I envy and admire those participants who can read for 20+ hours and hope to achieve that myself one year.

I wish to express my thanks to MotherReader for once again organizing this fun and well-run event! I hope to spend the next couple of days catching up with other participants' blogs and reading their thoughts on the books that they had read over the weekend.


  1. Congrats! I am amazed by all the parents taking park in the challenge.

  2. It's such a treat to be able to read the weekend away, but especially nice to do it with friends. Thanks for playing!

  3. Wonderful its really interesting.I will definitely try this for revising book summaries chapter by chapter

  4. And can I just add a kudos for Kate's impressive reading time! Great job!

  5. Congrats! I didn't think to log Gearbox's (11) hours... but he read along this weekend, too. Maybe next year I'll let him play along more actively.