Tuesday, May 31, 2011

48-Hour Book Challenge

It's time again for MotherReader's 48-Hour Book Challenge! This event will take place June 3-5, and the goal is to read as much as possible over a 48-hour period. Related activities include writing reviews on one's blog and visiting other participants' blogs to read their reviews.

Last year, I read for 17 hours and finished 4 books, and Kate read for 10 hours and finished 2 books. This year, although we have a few commitments on the weekend, we're going to try our best to match those numbers.

We plan to donate a dollar for each hour we read to UNICEF Canada. Please join us for this fun event if you can. It's the perfect excuse to neglect housework for the entire weekend and curl up with a few good books instead. If the weather's good, I'll be on my patio with a glass of wine (Orangina for Kate)!


  1. Have fun!! I want to do this one but its really a challenge for me with the young kids.

  2. What a great blog - and great idea to take on the 24 hour challenge! Good luck, Kate! (Enjoy your Orangina!) Pauline, thanks for sharing your blog with me. It is inspiring to see a mother and daughter sharing a passion!